A Sadder Side To The 1950’s

I am not one to post images of human suffering just for “entertainment”. I came upon a series of images of car wrecks from the 1950s. I haven’t decided if they just appear exploitative. If people feel that way, please feel free to comment. I have posted a few on my social media. Here is the complete series.



137066d1268233213-car-crash-scene-1950-12137049d1268232455-car-crash-scene-1950-1 137050d1268232642-car-crash-scene-1950-2 137052d1268232659-car-crash-scene-1950-3 137053d1268232719-car-crash-scene-1950-4 137054d1268232775-car-crash-scene-1950-5 137057d1268232875-car-crash-scene-1950-7 137055d1268232807-car-crash-scene-1950-6 137058d1268232919-car-crash-scene-1950-8

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