The Author

Too many days spent in my grandfather’s garage sifting through bottles of nails to find a mercury dime or a spent 22 caliber slug while my friends were out playing baseball. Too many days searching through old chests in my grandmother’s basement looking at signed photos of Frank Sinatra and matchbooks from 1940’s New York City hot spots — The Kit Kat Club and The Pen and Pencil — while my friends were chatting up girls in the schoolyard. Too many days playing with my chemistry set, mixing every chemical in the kit then adding urine and boiling it. Weird, I know. Now it’s many, many years later, but the odd still runs through my veins and thankfully through the veins of my friends. Soon you will get the chance to meet them and wonder at their wonderful collections of oddities.

Vintage dad and son

My dad and me circa 1966. The spookiness had just begun.