The Erenbergs


The ErenbergsSteve Erenberg. Trained as an architect and graphic designer, Steve has worked for some of the best, including The Father of Industrial Design, Raymond Loewy. “I was actually working at Raymond Loewy’s when they were designing the interior for NASA’s Skylab space station. It was there where I began to move away from architecture and concentrate on industrial design.” That shift in focus is very evident in Steve’s present collection; however, it didn’t start that way.        

Daniel Erenberg. Daniel grew up with a house full of bizarre collectibles and, like most young people; he was completely disinterested in his father’s “hobby.” “I have to admit, as a teenager, I really didn’t take any interest in my dad’s collection. I’m sure my friends thought it was cool, but for me, it was just my father filling the house up with stuff.”

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